[Nomic02] demerit proposal

Carbol, Roger nomic02@wurb.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 14:51:36 -0700

> I'd agree that we can do without rules that can be violated. =20
> Currently,
> all rules permit things rather than require things, and the=20
> only things
> that are forbidden are unauthorized changes to game state, which fits
> within RC's suggestion that violations are merely impossible.=20
> As long as
> there's someone other than myself willing to veto violable=20
> rules (I don't
> trust myself to always catch these things), I'm willing to do without
> penalty rules.  I just don't want to see a repeat of what=20
> happened in game
> 01: a rule was passed stating "All players must name their=20
> tokens within 5
> days of this rule's passage."  After 5 days, one player had=20
> not named his
> token, and we didn't know what to do about it.

Jota's new proposal is interesting:

>However, any player who "wins Mornington
>Crescent" in this manner will also immediately=20
>lose this game.

Is "losing" an action that the player is required to take
in this situation?  Could he just decline to do so and
take a demerit?  Such is the problem with these things,
I think, and so I remain against legalized rules-breaking.

.. Roger ..

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