[Nomic02] Updated initial rules proposal

Carl Muckenhoupt nomic02@wurb.com
Sat, 11 Jan 2003 14:35:41 -0500

To summarize, here's an initial ruleset that incorporates all suggestions made so far.  Can we agree on it?  
And "aye" from all of you and it's done.  Not that I want to pressure you or anything.  Feel free to object to 
anything you find objectionable.

Rule 1. This is a game.

Rule 2. A rule is a series of one or more statements in English. This game has a set of rules, consisting of 
Rule 1 and all the rules that follow it.

Rule 3. This game has a set of players. At the start of the game, this set consists of Adam Biltcliffe, Roger 
Carbol, Admiral Jota, and Carl Muckenhoupt.

Rule 4. All players must obey the rules. That is, all players must, to the best of their ability, behave in 
such a manner that the rules are satisfied. 

Rule 5. Any action or thing, whether actual or notional, that is neither explicitly mentioned in the rules nor 
otherwise brought into the game in a manner described by the rules is not a part of the game.

Rule 6. The players may change the rules by unanimous agreement. 

Rule 7. "The state of the game" shall consist of the current set of players and the current list of rules, as 
well as anything added to this definition by a future Rule.

Rule 8. The state of the game may not be altered in any manner not prescribed by the rules.

In addition to the above, I'm starting to think about a rule to explicitly state the point that Adam saw in 
Rule 5 that Jota disagreed with.  Something like "No rule may specifically require any effect on anything that 
is not part of the state of the game."  But this is a separate matter, not part of the above proposal.