[Nomic02] Re: Nomic start

Carl Muckenhoupt nomic02@wurb.com
Sat, 11 Jan 2003 14:03:03 -0500 (EST)

Rule 5 specifically limits its exclusion to "things that are not
explicitly mentioned in the rules".  If we add a rule that mentions money,
Rule 5 no longer excludes money from the game.  Yes, it's a trivial
rule.  All the rules in my proposal are trivial.

I'd be willing to try something more formal - say, adding a distinction
between Rules and Definitions, and stating that only terms with
Definitions may be used in Rules - but I'd like to pass the simpler
proposed ruleset first.

Also, I'm starting to change my mind about leaving Rule 5 out.  It is good
to have it there in addition to the proposed rules about "the state of the
game", because actions are not part of the state of the game. For example,
Rule 5 makes it clear that discussion of rules on this list is not a part
of the game, so if the "Carl pays money for any action in the game" rule
were to pass, I could still participate in game discussions on this list
for free.

Finally, having seen no strong objection to munging reply-to (other than
my own), I've decided to go ahead with it.  If anyone complains, I'll undo