[Nomic02] [P] Yoohoo, Mr. Bus Driver! [Jota]

Admiral Jota nomic02@wurb.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 07:07:46 -0400 (EDT)

The following proposal has been ratified by all players (explicitly by Ps
and jwal; implicitly by the rest of us). Thus, it goes into effect an hour
from now, as three -- well, like it says.

> Yoohoo, Mr. Bus Driver! [Jota]
> Enact the following as three new rules:
>   If the active player or his/her servant is carrying The Bus Driver's
>   Lunchbox, that player may choose to "sacrifice" The Bus Driver's
>   Lunchbox. To do so, the active player must roll a die whose size is the
>   same as the one determining The Bus Driver's Lunchbox's value. The
>   player loses a number of brownie points equal to the result of this die.
>   Immediately after sacrificing The Bus Driver's Lunchbox, the active
>   player may choose a room by random selection from all rooms not
>   including the location of the entity carrying The Bus Driver's Lunchbox.
>   When this happens, the location of the Magic Omnibus is set to that of
>   the entity carrying The Bus Driver's Lunchbox, and the location of The
>   Bus Driver's Lunchbox is set to the result of the random selection. This
>   opportunity is lost if the active player's turn ends before it's done.
>   When the location of The Bus Driver's Lunchbox is changed as a result of
>   sacrificing it, the size of the die used to determine its value will be
>   set to the size of the next larger available die. (If no such larger die
>   is available, the token will cease to exist.) Further, the player
>   responsible is prohibited from taking any action which would cause it to
>   come into the possession of that player or that player's servant until
>   after the token has been picked up by at least one other player or
>   servant.

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