Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 169

On 25 Nov 1997 23:47:41 Malenkai posted:

I play my otzma 'Map Shard' and name Alfvaen, and identify the treasure buried with this statement [numbered 169]:

On 06 Aug 1998 01:36:32 Alfvaen published in the BWG:

[ The following is a secret transcript of a fragment of a conversation between two unknown persons, recorded by confidential means and delivered to the Gazette offices clandestinely. Its veracity is unknown. ]

1: I think I've finally figured them out.
2: [unintelligible]
1: You know, Alfvaen's treasures.
...[Other treasure clues relating to T155]
2: Okay, so what about the other one?
1: Well, it's a bunch of hexadecimal digits, right? But they're too scattered and varied for letters from any character set. I'm sure there's all sorts of encoding schemes that could have been done.
2: The Fibonacci thing was hard enough.
1: But there's some clues there, too. I mean, when Alfvaen originally buried the Treasure, e mistyped "Ackadollars" for "Ackapennies", and insisted that the text be left to stand as it was. So that implies that that text is important in some way to decoding the map, doesn't it?
2: Hang on a sec, I've got to...
[ Here the transcript ends. ]

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