Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 131

Narf wrote (Feb 26, 1997):

Having been eliminated from the Ghost game, I leave Snowgod's party (leaving behind Beach Blanket Bingo as a present for a kind host) and wander through the streets of Akcanomia. For a time, my wanderings take me outside of town, through the wilds. Finaly, seeking spiritual guidance, I make my way to the altar at the Church of Seleya.

For many hours I gaze out, down, up and around, allowing the very essence of Seleya to course through me. In such a way, I enter into a trance like state. How long I was in that state, I can not say. When I woke, I found a pad of paper in front of me, apparently I had done some automatic writing. Was it the spirit of Mark Twain that had guided my hand? Probably not, but that's not important here.

On the pad of paper, I found that I had sketched a more complete map to the Purple Key. It read as follows:

8r w9j39h e3d9e3w 5y8w 53s5 qhe 048fq53o6 jq8ow j3 q 54qhwoq589h g3r943 5y3
d46w5qo dyqo8d3 8w 43j9f3e r49j 5y3 47o3 w35k 3 wyqoo r8he 5y3 0740o3 i36l

I know it's tough to read, and there may even be mistakes in it, after all, I was not even concious of writing it.

Exhausted from my meditations, I say a final prayer and stumble home.

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