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While every effort has been made to cause this page to completely and accurately reflect the current game state, up to the time stated thereon and with respect to the information that would normally be expected to be presented on this page, the information thusly presented remains only an approximation of the Financier's belief regarding such information and, as such, should not be taken as fulfilment of any of the duties of Financier, most especially with respect to any legal requirement to provide or make available any such information or the logs from which such information is generated, thus, in the event that a player has any concerns regarding any apparent disparity between information relating to the status of specific entities which the Financier is required to track, and for which that information is presented on this page, and the current game state, or a particular player's interpretation thereof, that player, or group of players, is directed, in accordance with the Rules of Ackanomic is so far as they require the Finacier to provide information in relation to the ownership of entities which exist within Ackanomic upon request, to contact the Financier and present those issues for the purposes of determining the Financier's true opinion of the status of the effected entities, however, in cases were players have no concerns regarding the validity of this information, it may generally be assumed that the following information does in fact reflect the Financier's belief.

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Buried Treasure:

Treasure 104 () [Treasure 104] Eir Log

has a Prosthetic Forehead Prosthetic Forehead

Treasure 121 () [Treasure 121] Eir Log

has the Sceptre of Penguin Power (Value: A$75)

Treasure 135 () [Treasure 135] Eir Log

has the Alien Shaking Ball (Value: A$20)

Treasure 147 () [Treasure 147] Eir Log

has an Ackadollar
has 0 The Wouf Houng (Value: A$1)

Treasure 152 () [Treasure 152] Eir Log

has an Ackadollar

Treasure 170 () [Treasure 170] Eir Log

has the Silver Shovel (Value: A$100)

Treasure 175 () [Treasure 175] Eir Log

has the Economy Sized Bottle of TOBASCULES SAUCE (Value: A$50)

Treasure 181 () [Treasure 181] Eir Log

has the A GAMES T-shirt (Value: A$25)

Treasure 193 () [Treasure 193] Eir Log

has the two-star's soot-covered tome (Value: A$48)

Treasure 194 () [Treasure 194] Eir Log

has A$ 1591
has an Otzma Card: Map Shard
has 2 Otzma Card: Go Fish
has 2 Prosthetic Forehead Prosthetic ForeheadProsthetic Forehead
has the Pumpkin Patch Nomic (Value: A$30)
has the Amulet of Saaramaa (Value: A$75)
has the Pumpkin Patch (Value: A$30)

Treasure 200 () [Treasure 200] Eir Log

has the Exquisite Dead Guy (Value: A$150)

Treasure 204 () [Treasure 204] Eir Log

has the Discworld (Value: A$400)

Treasure 207 () [Treasure 207] Eir Log

has the Mu-Cow (Value: A$100)

Treasure 208 () [Treasure 208] Eir Log

has the Second Prize (Value: A$73)

Treasure 211 () [Treasure 211] Eir Log

has the Established Riches (Value: A$73)

Treasure 212 () [Treasure 212] Eir Log

has the That Quick Brown Fox (Value: A$75)

Treasure 217 () [Treasure 217] Eir Log

has the N-2,bromoacetyl, N-acetyl amine (Value: A$30)

Treasure 225 () [Treasure 225] Eir Log

has the Evil (Value: A$469)

Treasure 227 () [Treasure 227] Eir Log

has A$ 2
has 29 /dev/joe's bar of gold #1-29 (Value: A$250)
has 0 set of Steak Knives 99823 (Value: A$2)
has the Many Thanks (Value: A$10)
has the Rhymes With Schubert (Value: A$101)
has the I Finally Finished _Infinite Jest_!!! (Value: A$137)
has the Jade Key of Yara (Value: A$23)

Treasure 239 () [Treasure 239] Eir Log

has the Atlantean Statue (Value: A$300)
has the Never Whistle While You're Pissing (Value: A$20)
has the Principia Discordia (Value: A$100)
has the Sacred Chao (Value: A$200)
has the Initiate of the Modified Rose (Value: A$150)

Treasure 241 () [Treasure 241] Eir Log

has A$ 3

Treasure 242 () [Treasure 242] Eir Log

has an Ackadollar
has a Pair of Dress Pants
has the Little Wooden Ship #7 (Value: A$5)
has the Mr. Lunatic Fringe's Treasure Toga #6 (Value: A$5)

Treasure 243 () [Treasure 243] Eir Log

has the I Bagged A Swinger (Value: A$75)

Treasure 244 () [Treasure 244] Eir Log

has A$ 206
has a Pair of Dress Pants

Treasure 245 () [Treasure 245] Eir Log

has the Gretchold the Evil Math Troll (Value: A$5)

Treasure 246 () [Treasure 246] Eir Log

has an Ackadollar
has 0 Treasure is a way to give devj0e money (Value: A$1)

Treasure 248 () [Treasure 248] Eir Log

has the Chaotic Time Soak (Value: A$50)

Treasure 249 () [Treasure 249] Eir Log

has the Matched Set of Model Eye and Pyramid (Value: A$10)
has the Matching Spell Book and Shades of LILITH VELKOR (Value: A$6)

Treasure 250 () [Treasure 250] Eir Log

has the Eir Emerald Curry (Value: A$54)

Treasure 252 () [Treasure 252] Eir Log

has the 24 (Value: A$24)

Treasure 253 () [Treasure 253] Eir Log

has the JT's Barrel of Monkeys (Value: A$48)
has the A Rather Easy Treasure (Value: A$20)
has the A mirror #1 (Value: A$163)

Treasure 256 () [Treasure 256] Eir Log

has an Ackadollar

Treasure 257 () [Treasure 257] Eir Log

has the Perpetual Trophy (Value: A$77)

Treasure 259 () [Treasure 259] Eir Log

has the clocks that bicker in marble ships (Value: A$5)

Treasure 261 () [Treasure 261] Eir Log

has A$ 3
has 0 It's not that bad, really, it's not (Value: A$3)

Treasure 262 () [Treasure 262] Eir Log

has the The World Chessboard (Value: A$9)

Treasure 265 () [Treasure 265] Eir Log

has an Ackadollar

Treasure 272 () [Treasure 272] Eir Log

has the Flashback (Value: A$50)

Treasure 273 () [Treasure 273] Eir Log

has a Prosthetic Forehead Prosthetic Forehead

Treasure 274 () [Treasure 274] Eir Log

has the two turntables and a microphone (Value: A$200)


Everything Else:

Brass Pot (Society) [rule] Eir Log

has A$ 175

Mad Hatters (Society) [rule] Eir Log

has A$ 112
has a More Than Human

Treasury () [] Eir Log

has A$ 54601
has 2 Pointy Ear Pointy Ear
has 4 Secret Laboratory
has 7 nomic
has a Dorum
has the Little Lamb Little Lamb(Since: 19/Nov/98)
has a Prosthetic Forehead Prosthetic Forehead(being Worn)
has 8 Prosthetic Forehead Prosthetic ForeheadProsthetic ForeheadProsthetic ForeheadProsthetic ForeheadProsthetic ForeheadProsthetic ForeheadProsthetic ForeheadProsthetic Forehead

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