Ackanomic FAQ's

How do I find out more about Ackanomic?

. Try the Ackanomic web site. It has all the information you need.

How do I join?

Just E-Mail Nicolli Flychuck saying you would like to join. If you want to save time, choose a name to use within Ackanomic; for example I use Jammer. He'll set you up.

What happens when I join?

You are granted the average of the current average of all moneys held by each player and 900 A$'s; a plot of land and a small house

What do I do with them now that I have them

We're working on that :-).

I know Ackanomic is about making rules, how do I do it?

First write up a proposal, remembering to name it, and send it to the Promoter, currently Mohammed, and e will send it to the list.

Excuse me, two quick questions. What does "e" mean? What do you mean by list?

I'd been hoping you'd ask. "E" is the AckaNomic's third person singular pronun, as you become involved you will learn some of the customs of the place. AS to the other question Ackanomic runs off a mail server, when you join, you are included on the list.

Okay, now would you go back to how I can make rules?

After the proposal has been circulate everyone gets a chance to vote on it. They E-Mail Snowgod our current count Tabula, who counts up the votes and sends the results out to the list. The Rules are ammended and everything continues.