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Final scores when /dev/joe won by the museum rule, Apr 12, 23:55:

Score	Ackanomic Name   Status  Real Name
-----	--------------      ---  -------------
88	Malenkai             A   (Randy Hall)
84	IdiotBoy             A   (Matt Miller)
81	Vynd                 A   (John McCoy)
76	Mohammed             A   (Jason Orendorff)
75	/dev/joe             A   (Joseph DeVincentis)
57	Calvin N Hobbes      A   (Thierry Joffrain)
56	Niccolo Flychuck     A   (Uri Bruck)
53	breadbox             A   (Brian Raiter)
28	ThinMan              A   (John Bollinger)
27	Narf                 Ag  (Joshua Nave)
24	mr cwm               V   (Eric Murray)
21	fnord                A   (Michael Thomas)
10	You can call me Al   A   (Wally Holland)
0	CarsesraC            N   (Jeroen M.W. van Dijk)
0	Simon Marty Harriman N   (Andy Swan)
0	Robert Sevin         A   (Mitchell Harding)
-3	Techno               A   (Jerome Herrman)
-11	Ackers               A   (Sean Crystal)
-12	snowgod              A   (Phil Ackley)
-30	Red Barn             A   (Daniel Knapp)
-41	Bascule              Av  (Matt Black)
17[%]	Panther              D   (Terry McKechnie)
25[%]	Strider              D   (Jason McCulley)
18[%]	Lestrade             D   (John Duncan)
0 [%]	Jammer               D   (John Lotz)
3 [%]	Sarud                DN  (Jim Priz)
21 [%]	Swann               II   (Steven Swiniarski)
Status: A=Active, N=New, V=Vacationing, IV=Involuntary Vacation, I=On Ice, D=Dead, R=Returning (non-active), v=Victory Eggplant, g=Chartreuse Goose, f=has a Frobbed widget of Yendor

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