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The Magic Number was 300 when the cycle ended at Jan 20, 16:36 EST, when Habeous Corpus won by points.

Final Scores:

Score	Ackanomic Name   Status  Real Name
-----	--------------      ---  -------------
306	Habeous Corpus       A   (Ed Graham) 
224	snowgod              A   (Phil Ackley) 
174	Guy Fawkes           A   (Robert Shimmin) 
149	Malenkai             A   (Randy Hall) 
128	/dev/joe             A   (Joseph DeVincentis) 
114	Niccolo Flychuck     A   (Uri Bruck) 
83	Swann                A   (Steven Swiniarski) 
55	AirHead              A   (Eric Freeman) 
52	Robert Sevin         A   (Mitchell Harding) 
51	Lestrade             A   (John Duncan) 
49	mr cwm               A   (Eric Murray) 
46	ThinMan              A   (John Bollinger) 
46	Mohammed             A   (Jason Orendorff) 
37	Techno               A   (Jerome Herrman) 
33	G. Peefalt           V   (Aaron Morris)
28	fnord                A   (Michael Thomas) 
19	breadbox             A   (Brian Raiter) 
19	Strider              A   (Jason McCulley)
19	Calvin N Hobbes      Ag  (Thierry Joffrain) 
1	BuzzBee             NV   (John Coifman)
1	23 Skidoo            V   (David Thomas Fisher) 
0	Eponimondas          N   (Moses Rojas)
0	nietzsche            N   (Adam Gesher)
-4	Clairence           IV   (Clair Anthony Viglione) 
-7	Jammer               V   (John Lotz) 
-9	Bascule              Av  (Matt Black) 
-10	Red Barn             A   (Daniel Knapp)
Status: A=Active, N=New, V=Vacationing, IV=Involuntary Vacation, I=On Ice, D=Dead, R=Returning (non-active), v=Victory Eggplant, g=Chartreuse Goose

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