The literature list is a list of works and artists considered to be valid sources of literature according to rule 210 in Ackanomic.

The Literature list:

Artist: William Shakespeare
Work: The Bible, Old and New Testaments
Artist: The Beatles
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Artist: J.R.R. Tolkein
Artist: Confucious
Work: The Constitution of the United States of America
Artist: Kurt Vonnegut
Artist: Homer, author of the Iliad
Artist: Mark Twain
Artist: H.P. Lovecraft
Artist: Edgar Allen Poe
Artist: Monty Python's Flying Circus
Artist: Dr. Seuss ; children's author
Artist: Douglas Adams
Artist: Terry Pratchett
Artist: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Artist: Albert Camus
Artist: Leo Tolstoy
Artist: Descartes
Artist: Chaucer
Artist: Charles Dickens
Artist: Plato
Artist: Aristotle
Artist: Sophocles
Artist: Ayn Rand
Artist: Jean-Paul Sartre
Artist: Hermann Hesse
Artist: T.S. Elliot
Artist: William Butler Yeats
Artist: Paul Simon ; with or without Garfunkel
Artist: Friedrich Nietzsche
Work: The Prince ; by Machiavelli
Work: The Decameron ; by Boccacio
Artist: George Orwell
Artist: Aldous Huxley
Artist: Oscar Wilde
Artist: Winston Churchill
Work: The Art of War ; by Sun-Tzu
Work: the Star Wars trilogy ; original three films
Artist: Dante Alighieri ; you know, The Inferno guy
Work: The Aeneid
Artist: W.H. Auden
Work: It's a Wonderful Life ; film
Work: the Magna Carta
Artist: The Rolling Stones ; the rock band
Artist: Pink Floyd
Artist: Led Zepplin
Artist: Bruce Sterling
Work: Snow Crash ; novel by Neal Stephenson
Work: Dr. Stangelove ; film, in which the word spong may or may not have been used
Work: Citizen Cane
Artist: Steven Wright
Work: The Usual Suspects