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The Postmaster is breadbox (Brian Raiter,

The main official mailing list of Ackanomic is There is also an ackanomic-digest list, which collects messages and distributes them in batches. Mail sent to either goes out to both lists. Active players must be subscribed to one of these two lists.

There are a number of other lists which are used for specific purposes. See the Postal Code for details. See also the Postmaster's list of other useful addresses.

Subscribe and unsubscribe commands should be sent to Don't send majordomo commands to the mailing list itself. Put the commands in the body of a message; the subject line is ignored. The format is:

subscribe list-name
where list-name is any of the mailing lists described below. If your outgoing email has an address other than the one you want the mailing list to use (for example, if your email address is but your email header gives your address as, you can instead use:
subscribe list-name

Replace "subscribe" with "unsubscribe" to take yourself off of a mailing list. You may put multiple commands in a message, but put them on separate lines. (See below for a summary of other majordomo commands.)

Here are all of the Ackanomic public mailing lists:

  List Name            Description
  ----------------     --------------------------------------------------
  ackanomic            Main mailing list for the game of Ackanomic
  acka-voting          Official list for proposals and voting results
  acka-finance         Mailing list for Ackanomic financial matters
  acka-games           Mailing list for sub-games within Ackanomic
  acka-research        Mailing list for discussion
  acka-chess           Ackanomic's sub-game of Party Chess
  acka-senate          Mailing list for Ackanomic's Senate
  acka-synod           Mailing list for members of the Synod

  ackanomic-digest     Digest version of ackanomic
  acka-finance-digest  Digest version of acka-finance
  acka-games-digest    Digest version of acka-games
  acka-research-digest Digest version of acka-research
  acka-voting-digest   Digest version of acka-voting

  ackanomic-priv       Alias for ackanomic with private replies
  acka-games-priv      Alias for acka-games with private replies

If you subscribe to a digest version of a mailing list, messages will be collected and sent to you in batches.

The priv aliases are not separate mailings lists that can be subscribed to. Mail sent to them go to the actual list, but with the default reply set to yourself rather than the mailing list. (They are used to aid players in avoiding snowgod's Disease.)

Here are all of the Ackanomic private mailing lists:

  List Name            Description
  ----------------     --------------------------------------------------
  acka-azpiazu         Mailing list for members of the Church of Azpiazu
  acka-banna           Mailing list for members of the Church of banna
  acka-ebs             Mailing list for the Evil Ballot Stuffer Church
  acka-harf            Mailing list for members of the HARF party
  acka-klingon         Mailing list for the Klingon party
  acka-markovian       Mailing list for the Church of the Markovian Dream
  acka-metamorph       Mailing list for the MetaMorph party
  acka-noneyet         Mailing list for the Munchkin Haven party
  acka-odo             Mailing list for the Church of Odo on the Wormhole
  acka-spam            Mailing list for members of the SPAM party
  acka-vulcan          Mailing list for members of the Vulcan party

Ask the appropriate group if you want to subscribe to a private list; you can't just join these lists as above, though if you are on them you can unsubscribe as above. If you have a list password for a private list, you can subscribe and unsubscribe people with a command of the form:

approve password subscribe list-name player@email.address

Other commands you can use with majordomo:


Send back a help document describing how to use majordomo.


Show all the lists served by majordomo at this site.

which player@email.address

Find out which lists player@email.address is on. Defaults to your address, if no address is given.

who list-name

Find out who is on the named list.

info list-name

Retrieve the general introductory information for the named list.

intro list-name

Retrieve the introductory message sent to new users. Non-subscribers may not be able to retrieve this.


Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

There is also an FTP archive of the digests from the five main lists.

Finally, here is a brief list of suggested postal etiquette.

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