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Player list

The participants play in the following order (current scores between brackets, current player highlighted):

Boris Ammerlaan(10)
Serge van den Boom(-3)
Martijn van Buul(22)
Arnoud Engelfriet(-5)
Jan Willem Knopper(3)
Willem-Jan Monsuwe(11)
Ad Rovers(21)
Johan van Selst(10)
Joachim Tresoor(11)
Angelo Wentzler(0)


May 16, 2001
Turn ten. We are discussing proposal 316 version three, which defines the basics of property in nomic. (The original "bank" idea has been shelved.)

About nomic

Nomic is a game where the object is to change the rules. It was invented in 1982 by Peter Suber, who used it to make a point about self amendment in his book "The Paradox of Self-Amendment". Peter Suber also has a specific Nomic page which you may find of interest.

Nomic starts with initial rules that govern the way new rules are introduced, and old ones are changed. No rule is absolutely immune to change in Nomic. Yes, every single rule in Nomic can change! The object of the game initially is to win by earning points or to lock up the game by introducing contradictory rules. But that too can change during play.

For the first Unplugged Nomic (16/11/1999 - 16/6/2000) I gathered a number of rules lawyers, computing science students and mathematicians to play. Read the Old Nomic stuff to see what went wrong.

The second Unplugged Nomic uses a modified IRS (Initial Rule Set) which should avoid the problems encountered during the first one. I'm not very happy with a restart, but the majority of the players (all but me, in fact) wanted it, so there we are.

The second Unplugged Nomic game has started on August 2, 2000 and is still not finished. This site contains an ever growing amount of background information, including a log of every turn.