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The Minister of Records' Office

This is the base for an internet game of Nomic I have started, which uses an altered Initial Set that will enable better Internet gameplay. Our new Constitution lasted four days in early September 98, before the game came crashing down due to loopholes generated by law 115 (which is from the original Initial Set, might I add).

At this point in time, the game is technically running, but is dead. All the players who were active left because of the chaos that ensued:
Within the day that game play begun, Tom Mueller used law 115 to define an entity named Muscle Man Murphy. This entity, among other things, could force any player to vote in any way it wanted. Although this was not created as a law, law 115 made the provisions for a legally binding decleration. Struggling to fight MMM, Jeff Reinecke found a loophole in 211 that allowed him to declare himslef dictator, and set himself as the defualt Judge in the court case and appeal. Less than one day later, fixing this bug that led him there, he stepped down as dictator. However, during thsi time, he found a way to use 115 to create something, equally legal, but conflicting with MMM. After declaring a win by contradiction, argument ensued. After a day or so of this, the arguments started to settle into the fact that there was, indeed, a contradiction, however, no official win was made because the courts were never invoked after the argument began. By Monday afternoon, Jeff stepped down as Minister of Records, and the game was abandoned for a new, better Consitution.