Another idea to increase the board size

by The Founder at 2006-05-20 20:16:47

Since 100 squares is apparently too large for some player's liking (although why, I still can't fathom), what if the board were set to 60 squares? That way, for every square currently in existence, two new squares would be created: one the successor and one the predecessor. So the old square 1 becomes the new square 2, the old square 2 becomes the new square 5, etc. All players, their units, buildings, the duck, etc. would be placed on the corresponding "new" square (so something on square 2 is now on square 5, and done without triggering "move," "leave," etc. statements).

This way, things are still a bit more spread out because there's more squares, but we don't have to worry about leaving a massive chunk of clutter in the early squares (which would trap some players but not others if Prop. 26 passes).

What do you think? Feel free to jack this idea as a proposal, in fact, I encourage it.