Re: Opinions on Proposal #25...

by Le Roc at 2006-05-20 14:08:57

Oh, one other thing that I see as a problem, and a pretty big one at that. For Road Block and Player Squares, a "throw" is not necessarily a "use" of the item. Back in Nomopoly 3 this came up with the throw rule. You might want to add that a "throw" is a "use" or that a "throw" removes the item from your inventory. Else this whole long winded rule that I will hereafter have to read once again will end up merely in a "shouting match" like little children have "My Square! No My Square! No My Square!... ... ..."

[Joke]Hm, I wonder if I keep creating these complaints about this proposal if I can get this proposal to never actually make it to voting before the game ends.[/Joke]