Re: Former Proposal #2

by Valenic at 2006-05-19 21:54:12

It's not ill-planned because units are added slowly, it's ill-planned because it relies on too much to keep it going. Consider the long run: three months from now, will the unit rule continue to be a liability because of a lack of passage of legislation that will support the unit rule? We've already seen the much-needed 100-square addition get struck down, so who says things will improve in the future? Besides, the rule passed by one vote, so just how close will future related proposals pass?

I say the unit rule is way too complex and banks on too much at this point in the game. A much simpler plan would be ideal at this point especially if it is allowed to expand on the future without too many initial liabilities.

Also I don't approve of being brushed off as merely complaining for not getting my way. Why is it that when someone supports a popular idea, e is praised, but when e dissents against the idea, e is being childish just because e wants eir own way?