Re: Former Proposal #2

by The Founder at 2006-05-19 21:09:36

It's only cramped because people shot down the only proposal (so far) to increase board size. And it only seems ill-planned, because units are being added slowly, so that it's more likely an individual unit gets in.

Every Nomopoly game has taken some time to congeal into a (somewhat) more cohesive form, where a few major themes are prevalent. If all we do is attempt to repeal rules, we'll never get anywhere in developing a rule structure.

Rather than complaining about how cramped the board is going to be, why not try to fix it yourself by trying to increase the size? I made an attempt, the vote was a tie, and some players have mentioned that they would prefer a board-growth rule of some sort. A well-formulated one would almost assuredly pass, whereas I'm not so sure attempting to repeal a successfully passed rule immediately after it passes is as likely to succeed.

However, you've made it clear in your post that you voted against the idea in the first place. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I can't help but think that your repeal proposal was made simply because you don't want to give units a chance. I don't like the idea of cards personally, but if they got in, I'd most likely use them to the best of my advantage. The same thing happened in N3, with borks and such. I didn't care for them, but they passed, and I chose to use them to my advantage rather then fight against the majority.

I'm not trying to flame you here or anything like that, it's just my opinion and suggestion.