Roll call?

by AAAAAAAAA! at 2006-08-06 04:24:22

The last two proposals each got a total of 4 votes. Based on the History page, I would guess that the set of currently active players consists of The Founder, Fobi, M, and myself, as all others seem to have been frustrated out of the game due to The Founder's killing spree.

As well, based on Fobi's actions after we declared war on The Founder, I would guess that Fobi is on The Founder's side. This makes any attempt to get rid of The Founder via a proposal impossible. Although I don't like where this is heading, I do agree that The Founder has definitely outplayed us all, and the rest of us are going to be slowly and painfully killed over the next few weeks, thereby making the game boring and pointless. So, in an effort to make things slightly more pointless, I am issuing the following public declaration: Anyone who makes a proposal that gives someone the win (including The Founder), you've got my vote.