Question about Proposal #103

by AAAAAAAAA! at 2006-07-31 22:26:47

"If a player who uses an Uncharged Soul Gem also has a Ghost, the Uncharged Soul Gem becomes Charged and the player loses the Ghost. If the player does not have a Ghost when using an Uncharged Soul Gem, it has no effect."

But, I believe it says somewhere in the rules that unless otherwise specified, the player loses an item after using it. So, it appears as if a player who has a Ghost uses an Uncharged Soul Gem, the following would happen in some order:
  1. The Soul Gem becomes charged
  2. The player loses a Ghost
  3. The player loses the Soul Gem (because he used it)

Am I understanding this properly, and if so, is this what is supposed to happen?