Re: The next game

by Le Roc at 2006-07-23 18:39:06

From my experience in this game I'd say probably just stick with basically the same basic rules we had with this one. The game will go where it goes. We can always just simply write down any variation to the game we want in the opening proposals. Personally I was thinking of MUD Nomopoly (RPG like with rooms we would walk between instead of a board). The only down side to this is Jeff might end up having to implement a big change to the game in a short period of time. Though of course he can always refuse to implement something if he thinks its just too much work, or just delay it for as long as it takes for him to implement.
Honestly though the only change I'd make to the game's base rules is to actually start the game with fewer rules, more like nomic is. I'd say just simply start with the rules governing making proposals and voting, the rule regarding not logging in and being removed, and finally a rule stating if there is only one player in the game that player is declared the winner. The money rules aren't a bad addition to this since a currency is a feature in many types of games. Ditto for the board. Honestly the starting rules don't have a lot of significance, provided there aren't any gaping holes in them. Ergo I'd just stick with where we started.