Re: Happy Birthday!

by The Founder at 2006-07-21 14:34:26

Quite true, and what a quaint idea.

Queerly enough, I was quietly contemplating querying Jeff about the quintessential issue: what his baroque plan for tomorrow is. I have a queue of engagements over the weekend (including quaffing tranquilizers of a sort, and a quadruplet of events tomorrow), leading to the quandry of arranging them all. Since I haven't found a way to exploit quantum tunneling, I'm left quantifying my time, and how to divide it amongst those things and transporting myself between them. Certainly though, more than a quarter of an hour will be spent celebrating Jeff's birthday, if he still plans on having a get-together for it.

My, how difficult it is to make a post containing 17 Qs without spamming them all over, or repeating the same Q-containing words.