Proposal #96

by Le Roc at 2006-07-18 19:25:23

Supporting proposal #96 is roughly equivalent at this time to giving The Founder the game. The reason is that at the moment he is by far in the best position monetarily. He commands at present the most forts (28 forts), the most SCV's (97 SCVs), the most Monk's (23 Monks), and the most Coins (13 Coins, which is for him equivalent to $29 250 for him at level 9). With this sort of access to cash it will not take him long to amass the required number of Scientists to win according to proposal 96.
Even if he does not have enough resources to win immediately after the proposal is implemented his ability to generate cash over the long term cannot be matched by anyone else.
As a minimum I would suggest everyone vote against proposal 96. Honestly I think as a group we need to band together to knock The Founder down. Opinions?