Re: Board Page modification

by The Founder at 2006-07-17 19:24:15

Okay, at work it's kinda wonky (I'm on Mozilla there). I don't get popups, it simply loads the unit command list in the same window as the Board was. Then, when I issue a command, it reloads the page: the unit command page (which is, at that point blank, because the unit is now cooling down), not the Board page. It's not big deal to me though, I just open the unit pages in a new window, and then reload the Board page after a few commands. It's kinda funny to see a list of commands all at once though. :-)

As a side note: it's a cute little error message that comes up when you try to access a unit by url. So much for shortcutting the Board page to issue my commands ;-)

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Response is committed
at q17.server.http.HttpResponse.setStatusCode(
at q17.server.http.HttpResponse.writeDefaultContent(
at q17.server.http.HttpResponse.sendForbidden(
at nomopoly4.UnitCommand.handleGet(
at q17.server.http.HttpBranchServer.handleGet(
at q17.server.http.HttpServer.handleConnection(
at q17.server.Server$