Re: Some important questions for everyone

by The Founder at 2006-07-14 04:28:54

1. No, you've heard about every error I've encountered.

2. It depends on when I'm doing it. If I have a load of units/buildings to command (ie: not cooling down), it hits the 30-60 second range, and stays that way even when I've issued commands to most of them (thereby greatly decreasing the percentage of units/buildings not cooling down that I own). I find it too long personally (it took me 90 minutes to issue all my commands on the 12th). When I log in, but don't have many units/buildings available to command, the loading time is significantly less: I'd say on the order of 5-15 seconds.

3. I can do it at home but I'm not sure about at work though (since I'm not there, nor will I be until Monday). That's good enough for me (if I lose the ability to go to the Board at work, it wouldn't really bother me).