Re: About the Dark Lord's Sell Requests

by AAAAAAAAA! at 2006-07-13 21:25:45

"If the Imp's current square contains a ? box, the Imp will take the item from the ? box and give it to the Dark Lord. Then, if there are currently any sell requests on the Public Market for that item, the Dark Lord will submit a sell request on that item, with a price equal to $1 less than the current lowest price of all sell requests for that item. If/when that sell request is fulfilled, the money paid for it goes into the Bank Account of Terror."

The Dark Lord only attempts to sell the item if there are currently any sell requests for the item. If there aren't any, then nothing happens, so the Dark Lord simply keeps the item. And no, the Dark Lord doesn't do anything with items he already has, but that could be made part of a future proposal.