Re: New Idea for my next few proposals

by The Founder at 2006-07-13 13:43:10

If the ease with which someone could win is the only real issue, I could easily propose more stringent conditions. The only problem is making them too stringent, in which case we're right back where we started: nobody would be able to viably win with them.

Maybe, instead of the current conditions 2 & 3, make them a minimum of 15 (instead of 10 for #2) and at least 2/3 of all Scientists (instead of just those Researching for #3). In addition, add that a minimum of 30 Scientists must be Researching as well (across all players). I think those conditions would help impose that Scientists have to be well established, so no one player can get the win without taking some time (30 Scientists would be impossible for any player to make in one shot). I think this would leave it a viable win condition, but not so "insta-win."