Re: problematic though slightly amusing problem

by The Founder at 2006-07-13 01:30:58

As I'm sure you've noticed Jeff, I was able to get onto the Board page and issue commands later today. The only difference was that I did it after work from home, leading me to believe that connection speed has something to do with the issue (I'm pretty sure my connection at home is quite a bit better then the one at work).

I also noticed that the time it took a command to go through didn't change much as I had less and less units/buildings not cooling down: I don't think it ever went below 30 seconds to get a command through, and it spent most of the time around 45 seconds or so. I have a feeling the two problems are actually the same one: slower connections mean it takes more time for a command to go through, and more units/buildings do the same. I have a feeling that if the total time due to those factors reaches a critical point (ie: the amount of information that has to flow at a given time), the memory error is triggered.

Maybe we should throw the game into a state of pause if this problem continues to prove elusive, until it gets sorted out. We've now had two players impacted by it, and I get the feeling more are going to encounter this error as time goes by. Maybe an interface overhaul (so that not so much information is transmitted at once) would do the trick? Perhaps we could just have the Board page, and set up "sub-pages" linked to the Board page for each square or group of squares (don't know how reasonable that would be, or if it would really solve the problem). Heck, maybe we could even mimic the Message Board and set up collapseable square "threads."