Re: New Idea for my next few proposals

by Le Roc at 2006-07-12 23:35:43

Hm, I don't mind the Scientists as has been currently proposed. I don't know if I will actually invest in the idea since scientists are less productive then the SCV/Monk combination, however I see no reason not so support that proposal.
The win condition you have outlined here though seems a little too easy to achieve. The only 2 difficult elements of your list of criteria would be the must own 2/3's of all researching scientists and must own more scientist then any other player. However if most people agree with my assessment of scientists being less useful then SCV's probably few people will seriously invest into these units. If this is the case then these two "difficult" criteria would be fairly easy to meet. Even if at least 2 players seriously invested into scientists the whole game will then largely boil down into an arms race to gain money as fast as possible to produce more and more scientists. I don't know about other people's feelings but I'm not so interested in this game ending that way. And since a player could within the space of 24 hours (the time it takes for a scientist to start researching) a player could pretty suddenly come from behind and then win using this win condition. All in all it seems just a little too easy to win by as far as I'm concerned.