Re: Public Market proposal, beta version

by AAAAAAAAA! at 2006-07-12 05:25:14

Oops, didn't think of the removing buy/sell thing. Yeah the proposal will include an option to retract a request.

And yeah, this could all be done on the message board, but if the market system is automated, it should be much easier for players to efficiently buy/sell items, as well as determine the best prices for them. (Like Jeff said, it's like a stock exchange). Perhaps the implementation of this proposal could consist of a main page for the public market, with a Buy button (listing the lowest Sell request price) and a Sell button (listing the highest Buy request price), so players could easily buy/sell items at the market prices. There could then be a seperate page for each item showing all the current requests, for players who are interested. Also, we could even make it so that it is not shown who made each buy/sell request, so players can trade anonymously. I think it would be cool.