New Idea for my next few proposals

by The Founder at 2006-07-12 02:11:37

As you may have (or not) noticed, I proposed a new building/unit type. Off the bat, they're pretty weak as far as creating money goes: you get at most $50 per day from each Scientist you have, and they don't do anything else. But I have a plan...

I was thinking of proposing a new win mechanism to the game (assuming the Lab/Scientist proposal passes). Basically, my next proposal would amount to the following:

If on any day at noon Central, there are more Scientists Researching than Counter-Researching, and in addition, a player meets all of the following conditions, then that player is declared the winner:

1. The player is Alive.
2. The player owns at least 10 Scientists which are Researching.
3. The player owns at least two thirds of all Scientists which are Researching.
4. The player owns more Scientists then each other player (individually, not together).
5. The player does not own any Scientists which are Counter-Researching.
6. The player has not in the last 5 days directly caused any unit/building to lose Hit Points (through issuing the Attack command, issuing the Bombard command, using Fire Flowers, etc.)
7. The player has not in the last 5 days directly caused another player to lose money (through using a Red Shell, issuing the Power Drain command, etc.)
8. The player owns more units than there are Minions of the Dark Lord on the board.