Re: huge problem with Proposal 14?

by Le Roc at 2006-05-19 07:34:31

To be frank, I don't really like this proposal. Since proposal 1 (forts and warriors) has been accepted and this proposal doesn't work so well with it. I'm not against the game being simultaneously dragged in different directions but I just don't think these two work so well together.

The other reason I don't like this so much is I see this whole very long (and possibly still buggy) proposal as largely resulting in us having to buy and use lots of defensive balls (boo, Yoshi and flower). Since you can litter the field with these things very quickly we will need to become very defensive. Things like the Piranha Orb are just too mean at the moment given our current access to cash. I'd like it more if there were much stricter controls over the purchase of balls (1 per week, or 1 per turn lets say). Or if there was another special square where you had to be to purchase the balls more like the Mario Party game I played, in that game when you passed a special square you were given the option to buy 1 of 3 randomly selected balls and no more.

Finally, if you are going to remove and repost this anyways then you probably want to make it slightly clearer that a square can have at most 1 road block or 1 player square but not both, and that if anyone tries to put an another orb on that square then the original one is removed. I presume this was what you intended.