Re: Proposal Ideas

by Le Roc at 2006-07-09 06:52:00

I can see your point I had thought about those issues but they can be taken either way depending on your position in the board at the moment and your view on fire flowers and such. At any rate if it looks like people would not support it anyways I won't propose it. No point in wasting 5 days. So idea number 2:
Every hour on the hour one random unit or building that is cooling down will have its cool down immediately ended.
Every Saturday at Midnight GMT the Dark Lord's Shop of Terror will be moved to a different random square.
All items will receive a new property called price. This is an integer property. If new items are created that do not specify a price the price defaults to $-1.
For current items the price should be set as follows:
Mushroom: $300
Feather: $800
Coin: $-1
Fire Flower: $2000
Ghost: $300
Green Shell: $200
Red Shell: $600
Lightning Bolt: $3000
Wilt Shroom: $20
Moldy Mush: $30
Rotten Mush: $40
Star Egg: $-1
Magic Mining Pick: $500
Imp-in-the-box: $20
Imping Stick: $-1
Force Field: $600
Whenever the Dark Lord gains an item and that item has price greater then -1, for example when an imp takes it out of a ? box, that item will be put up for sale in the Shop of Terror. As well when the shop moves it will be restocked with 5 new items that will be put up for sale. These items will be selected according to frequency (just as the ? box does) but only items that have a price greater then -1 will be considered. If the Dark Lord gains control of a Coin he will immediately use it himself and the bank account of terror will gain $1000.