A couple of things about Final Fortune (Prop 77)

by The Founder at 2006-06-30 15:12:24

Not sure if these were intended, but I thought I'd bring them up anyway in case they're accidental.

1) Using a Mesmer to target itself with Final Fortune (barring other interference) simply kills the Mesmer after 24 hours. The order of effects listed is that the Mesmer would start cooling down (because it is a trigger from using a command), then Final Fortune takes effect to remove the cool down, then the Mesmer starts cooling down again.

2) If Rat is accepted as well as this, you can use Final Fortune to kill other player's units by waiting until Rat is on the same square as the other unit that you want to target (without Rat, or with a clause to only target your own units, this wouldn't be possible).

I still like the general idea of effectively transferring cool down between units (like Second Wind earlier on the boards), but I'm not crazy about being able to hit other player's units with Final Fortune via the Rat in order to kill them.