A Thought About Menus

by The Founder at 2006-06-29 14:10:36

Currently, there is one menu containing all the commands for a unit, with all possible options thereof listed as separate items. I'm wondering if it would be too difficult (and if not, if people like the idea of) creating sub-menus in order to shorten the main list of commands. For example, say a unit could attack a few different targets, move to a few squares, and teleport to a few squares (among maybe a few other commands). Rather than having each target listed as an entry on the main list, instead list only Attack, Move, and Teleport (and the other possible commands), and then have a sub-menu change to contain the valid targets for that command (so for attack: the valid units/buildings, for move: the valid adjacent squares, for teleport: the valid destination squares).

Jeff, is this simple enough to do (I know it's a simple idea, but the coding might be too difficult for this to be feasible: I don't want to add too much of a burden with this)? To the other players: would you rather see this new system (assuming it's feasible), or would you prefer to keep the current one?