Proposal #75

by Jeff at 2006-06-28 06:36:30

I understand what Proposal #75 is trying to accomplish, but after Turns were deleted, I kept the empty section on Turns in the rules for two main reasons:

I apologize for not mentioning this earlier, but this game is a little different from the standard game of Nomic in an important way. Proposals here simply need to address what concept they are modifying. Rules can be referenced, but the organization of the rules page is my responsibility as I see fit. (After all, the rules page is only a convenience. The accepted proposals themselves are considered to be the official rules in any case). This way, players can simply propose "ideas", without having to worry about the organization of the rules page itself.

If you have an idea for a proposal, a good idea is to post it here on the message board before actually submitting it, so other players can comment on it and help you create a proposal that everyone will likely agree on.