Re: Was it a cat I saw? Was it a rat I saw? New idea (feel free to tell me I'm crazy and this sucks, or any other comments/suggestions/etc.)

by The Founder at 2006-06-27 19:31:11

No problem. If you thought the board was small, you should have seen what it was like trying to find a free square before I made the bloody thing 60 squares (it was originally 20). It still got cramped, so Le Roc made it 90 squares long. I still like 100 personally (something about a symmetric system tickles me pink), but at least with 90 most of the people who are still active have carved out some space for themselves.

And yeah, the oscillating issue is why I didn't include wrapping. That and I like the idea that Cat can eventually corner Rat. If this works (and gets accepted) I'll probably add something like a Mouse Hole for Rat to use (and maybe Catnip and Cheese, I dunno), just to make things a little less predictable (after all, Rat would get forced toward a corner every time as it stands now). Maybe even Dog... But that's all for later, I'm even a bit confuzzled trying to word things right as it stands. ;-)