Re: Proposal Idea: Tech Levels

by The Founder at 2006-06-23 18:37:30

I like the general idea. I'd say maybe make a few (but not too many) different "trees" to work along: fighting units, "magic" units (Mesmer & Monk for example), unit upgrades, and building upgrades (maybe lump this with units). Then we could add a few new buildings like a Temple of Lyssa (and of Dwayna) for recruiting Mesmers (and Monks) direct, an Armory to research the actual unit upgrades (or just apply them to existing units, or maybe make them have to be applied to all units), some sort of Mining Center maybe (to mine less resources, or mine faster), create new upgrades to buildings for SCVs to apply, etc.

The only thing is, I'd like to see plenty of new units/commands by the time this starts to take off (not necessarily when it gets proposed, but shortly thereafter at least). Otherwise we'll end up with players advacing their tech up to/beyond the point at which it becomes useful (unless we make units/commands get more powerful with more tech).