Proposal #13 is probably attempt to win the game

by Le Roc at 2006-05-18 23:51:16

I just thought I'd mention that it looks like proposal #13 is an attempt to win the game. If it isn't my apologies to The T, the proposal has serious problems then. The process for winning would be to buy 18 Boo orbs, 1 Fireball Orb, and 1 Gold Mushroom Orb. Then you use all of them immediately prior to taking your turn. The net result of this as I see it is you get a movement of between 1048576 and 6291456 squares (depending on your roll) therefor going around the board 52428 to 314572 passing each player in the process. If each time you pass a player you take $100 from them you will clearly force everyone else into bankruptcy. Jeff may interpret this differently but this is one possible interpretation I believe. If you do not want to make this game into a race to see whom can take their turn first after this proposal passes please vote no on proposal #13.