A Different, Less Restful Proposal Idea (Comments/Use Welcome)

by The Founder at 2006-06-23 14:52:09

Since I haven't really come up with a way to fix rest yet, and it's starting to seem like it's not all that needed anyway, I thought I'd try something different on my next proposal (I'd likely propose each asterisked section separately):


Replace all occurrences in the rules of initial hit points with maximum hit points (Max HP). Any current or future proposed units that use initial hit points instead of Max HP, are taken to mean Max HP. When a unit is created, it's current hit points are set equal to its Max HP. A unit may never have its HP higher than its Max HP (if this would happen, the unit's HP are instead set to its Max HP).

Change the cool down time of Orison of Healing to 1 day (from 2 days).

Add the following to the game:

Command: Fertile Season
Can be issued to: Monk
Cool down time: 2 days
Effect: The square at which this Monk is located has its resources increased by $1000.

Command: Heal Area
Can be issued to: Monk
Cool down time: 4 days
Effect: All units located on the same square as this Monk have their hit points increased by 10.


Item: Cloak of Invisibility
Frequency: 50
Effect upon use: Target unit that you own, which is not cooling down, becomes invisible for the next 7 days +1 hour (169 hours total).
While invisible, that unit does not show up in the History, and it does not show up on the Board except to the player who owns that unit (so nothing that would give away the unit's position, such as moving, or attacking would show up). The unit also cannot be targetted, and for the purposes of determining whether or not a square would contain units/buildings owned by more than one player, this unit is not counted (so the unit can move onto a square that contains a Wall owned by another player, and the player who owned the Wall could move an SCV onto the square while the invisible unit was still there, but a third player could not). If the invisible unit is issued a non-move command, immediately after the command takes effect the invisibility ends prematurely.
When invisibility ends, the following happens at the same time: the unit is moved to the nearest square containing units/buildings owned by the player who owns the invisible unit (not counting the square that the unit currently occupies; if multiple squares meet this criteria, one of those is chosen at random). If no other square contains units/buildings owned by the player who owns the invisible unit, the unit is moved to a random square that it could legally occupy. If no such squares exist, the unit is destroyed.

Item: Detector
Frequency: 50
Effect upon use: All invisible units located at a distance of 1 or less from the player who uses this item have their invisibility ended.