Next proposal, comments?

by Le Roc at 2006-06-23 11:38:06

With his growing power the Dark Lord is now able to release some more of his fiendish minions, the Imps.
Initial HP: 50
Armor: 0
An imp is not a unit. At all times Imps occupy exactly one square on the board. Imps and units or buildings may not both exist on the same square (so you can't move onto a square containing an imp for example). Imps may be attacked or be targeted with any command just like a unit can be. When an Imp runs out of HP it is destroyed and the player who was responsible for destroying it (the owner of the unit that dealt the final blow, the player whom used the item to destroy the imp or any other method of destroying an imp that is added at a later point) receives a Magic Mining Pick (see below).
Every third day at midnight GMT the Dark Lord will attempt to release an Imp onto the board. If there is a square on the board that does not presently have an imp, a unit or a building (that is a square that is "empty", players, ? boxes and the ducky don't matter) then the Dark Lord will create a new imp at a randomly selected "empty" square. This action occurs before the imps attempt to take their action (so an imp that is created will immediately act).
Every night at midnight GMT each imp will attempt to take an action. The action attempted will depend on what is currently at the same location as the imp. The imp will only take 1 action according to the following list. The imp will take the first listed legal action:
1) If the square has one or more players on it the imp will begin calling the Rber Ducky. If for a period of 73 hours there is continuously at least 1 player at the same square as the Imp (it need not be the same player the whole time) then after 73 hours the Rber Ducky will be moved to the same square as the imp. During the 73 hours wait the Imp will take no actions.
2) If the square contains a ? box then the imp will open the box (just like a player does) and the item will be given to the Dark Lord.
3) If the square has more then $100 of resources on it then the Imp will remove $100 of it and that money will be added to the Bank Account of Terror. If the square contains between $1 and $100 (inclusive) in resources then the imp will take whatever amount is there (leaving the square then at $0 in resources) again the money is added to the Bank Account of Terror.
4) If there is an "empty" square on the board then the imp will jump to a randomly selected "empty" square.
5) If none of the above are possible then the imp will go crazy and attack their square and all adjacent squares with cakes. These cakes cause all players in those squares to lose %5 of their total money, that money is added to the Bank Account of Terror. As well effected players may not take voluntary actions for a period of 1 hour. All units and buildings in those squares will take 10 points of damage (armor and walls have no impact on this damage though walls still take the damage normally). As well all units and buildings that are not presently cooling down will begin cooling down for 1 hour. All units that are currently cooling down will have their cool down time extended by 1 hour.

Name: Magic Mining Pick
Frequency: 20
Effect upon use: all of the SCV's owned by the player whom uses this pick immediately become enchanted with Super Mining. This enchantment lasts for 3 days. While enchanted with Super Mining an SCV whom is issued the mining command magically mines an extra $50 in resources. In the general case the owner of an SCV issued the mining command will receive $300 but the square they mined from will only lose $250.