Proposal Idea: Tech Levels

by The T at 2006-06-23 06:28:41

This is kind of a really out there idea, which is why it'll definetly require some tweaking before it's even proposed.

So first, introduce a new unit, a Researcher. For some reason, I think that a Warrior becoming a Researcher is stupid, so instead, have a new building type, a Lab, that can create Researchers, and also probably have some sort of benefit for Researchers present. But I digress.

The real meat of this is the idea of Tech Levels: Researchers would be able to research in various categories, and when certain levels are reached in a category, new units, commands, or buildings become available.

For example,

A Warrior would require a tech level of 1 [the initial level] in Field Combat. At level 3, perhaps, a new type of unit, like a Tank or the like, could be available. There could be other types of tech levels, depending on what would work best.

This is really an incomplete idea, but I figured I'd throw it out here and see what you guys can do with it. Maybe create some units and things that would go with it, and maybe consider changing what we have now such that... er, like, a Laser Howitzer could require a level of 3 in something even if we aren't that level, so after the proposal is passed no more could be built until someone has acquired a level of 3 or whatever...

It's 2 AM and I'm not wording everything well, but, well, what do you think?