Re: For my next trick... err, Proposal: Rest (revisited) and Second Wind (new)

by The Founder at 2006-06-21 14:31:23

You bring up a good point (although possibly inadvertently). I had meant the extra clause to be a trade-off of sorts: you could either not log in and let your units rest, or you could log in, see what the situation was, and use your units accordingly. I had forgotten at the time that you can just visit the site without logging in, and still see exactly what's going on. So there's no trade-off involved (information and use for rest). I think this is going to have to be scrapped again, unless I can think up something better that actually works (I don't want to go through the whole privacy thing, I'd rather just leave this for now).

As for Second Wind, it wouldn't make much difference. You'd be trading using the target unit again, or giving the Monk rest. Since the Monk can't cash that rest in for Second Wind (I worded it so that you couldn't, the cooling down isn't an inherent effect to the command, it's tied to the enchantment), you might as well use the second Monk's Second Wind on the unit that you're targetting in the first place. But the whole issue with rest makes this moot, since I'm shelving it for now anyway (at least until I can think of something better).

I'd still propose Second Wind though, it just wouldn't have the last line concerning rest.