For my next trick... err, Proposal: Rest (revisited) and Second Wind (new)

by The Founder at 2006-06-20 17:01:34

All units and buildings will gain a new property called rest. Rest is a time property (keeping track or hours, minutes, seconds etc), and units/buildings may not have more then 3 days rest at any time (if their rest would be increased beyond 3 days, they instead have their rest set to 3 days). If a unit/building building is issued a command with a cool down greater than or equal to the issuee's current rest total, then the actual amount of cool down the issuee has is equal to the normal cool down of the command issued minus the issuee's rest, and the issuee's rest is set to 0. If a unit/building is issued a command with a cool down less than the issuee's rest, then the issuee does not enter into cool down and instead has their rest decreased by the amount of cool down the command normally requires. When a unit/building stops cooling down, if the owner of that unit/building has not been logged in for at least 1 hour, that unit/building gains rest in real time (so 1 second of rest = 1 second real time) until the owner next logs in.

Eg: I have 2 SCV's on a square. The first one has accumulated 1.5 days of rest, the other 3 days of rest. If I issue both SCV's the mine command then the first one will enter into a cool down of 12 hours and have 0 rest. The other one will not cool down at all and will end up with 1 day of rest.

Add the following enchantment:

Enchantment: Second Wind
Can be issued to: Monk
Duration: Special (see effect)
Cool down time: Special (see effect)
Effect: Target unit, which must be located at a distance of 2 or less from the Monk to which this command is issued stops cooling down. This Monk is enchanted by Second Wind for a duration equal to 50% of the time that the targeted unit would have been cooling down. While enchanted by Second Wind, a unit is cooling down. If the target is not cooling down, it instead gains 1 day of rest, and this Monk is enchanted by Second Wind for 12 hours.

Eg: A Monk on Square 3 targets a Laser Howitzer on Square 5, which is cooling down for another 24 hours, with Second Wind. The Laser Howitzer is no longer cooling down, and the Monk is enchanted with Second Wind for 12 hours. While enchanted with Second Wind, the Monk is cooling down.

*** End Proposal ***

The rest portion of the proposal is more-or-less the way Le Roc originally wrote it. The major change is the last sentence, which I added so that players have to make a choice: let a unit accumulate rest, or actually log in and make use of it. Players wouldn't be able to log in, check the status of the game, and still accumulate rest: if you're logging in to check how things are going, I see no reason why you should be treated as if you haven't logged in (which is what rest was supposed to address). I'm curious to know what you guys think of this change: I know the main (voiced) concern about the original idea was players attacking in rapid succession, but I think the login clause addresses that concern as well as it can be dealt with. Players can still do it, but they can't do anything else while waiting do make the attacks.

As for Second Wind, it can easily be changed if rest just doesn't seem to work at all. Making Second Wind an enchantment, rather then just forcing the Monk into cool down, keeps players from using Second Wind over and over to eliminate the cool down to rediculously short time frames: a second use of Second Wind will cause the second Monk to get enchanted too, but won't stop the original cool down from Second Wind, because the first Monk will still be enchanted.

As always, comments/questions/etc. are welcome, as is use of the proposal.