Re: Proposal #10

by sluissa at 2006-05-18 01:38:17

okay, howabout an emergency proposal proposal?

say something happens to break which stops the game or something, someone can make an emergency proposal, which has to have a larger than half(2/3rds?) majority to pass plus the approval of jeff and it doesn't require the 5 day wait to make it through

say, maybe 24 hours after all the prerequisites have been met

maybe work in some kind of punishment if the proposal gets too many No's(abstains shouldn't give punishment), or given out at jeff's discretion... monetary maybe or a delay of proposal power

the punishment would be so that people don't try to abuse this to just try and pass normal proposals, this would be something used only to fix a major flaw in the game that needs to be fixed immediately

just throwing out an idea here feel free to criticize