Re: So um... Repair a little broken?

by Le Roc at 2006-06-20 14:49:55

Hm, I thought I'd add my own voice of why the price for repair was set as such. The reason its so low is because it has a 1 day cool down. Therefor the cost to do a repair is really more like $135 for 60 hp, a little more then $2:1hp. To get this of course you assume that if the SCV wasn't going to do a repair for that day it would instead do a mine. Mining takes 2 days for $250 or 1 day is about $125. Real cost of a wall is $1625 for 500 hp or a little over $3:1hp. I guess in that sense repairing is a little stronger then building a new wall but not so much really. If you still think the repair price should be increased go for it. I may well support it.