Re: So um... Repair a little broken?

by The Founder at 2006-06-20 13:47:33

I think having the repair offset a Laser attack is fine. As for the cost of the repair, think about things this way:

Repairing a Wall (most likely building to be attacked, at least at this point) costs $10/60 HP (a 1:6 ratio), and takes 1 day (10:1 cost per day).

Building a new Wall costs $1000, gives you 500 HP (for a ratio of 2:1), and takes 5 days (200:1 cost per day).

So it's 12X more expensive right now to build a new Wall (HP-wise), and the cost per day is 20X as much as well. Yeah, I think it's a bit too cheap to repair as well. Especially considering one SCV mining (and enough repairing) can offset 12.5 Lasers attacking constantly (from the $250/2 days mining money). Of course, at that point, you're taking 750 damage per volley, so the SCVs won't be able to repair a Wall, unless you happen to be doing it at the same time as the attacker.

ANYWAY, maybe repairs should get nerfed. I think 60HP is right, but maybe for $60 instead of $10 (still cheaper to repair then rebuild, but at least it's not quite so lopsided anymore).