Re: Rest proposal?

by The Founder at 2006-06-17 06:03:24

Lots of commands have a cool down of three days, which is why I brought it up. But yeah, the four-attacks-in-a-day thing is kinda powerful. However, I don't think it's much worse (or even worse at all necessarily) then having one player log in every day to attack, and one player only able to log in every four or so days getting (effectively) attacked four times in one day. At least under the new system, every player would have the "opportunity" to do four attacks, not just the player who logs in once per day.

Maybe as a fix, have some sort of clause involving when you log in. It's trackable (after all, you can check when someone was "last seen"). That way, if you want to attack four times in one day, you can't log in during the interim. Maybe make it so that units also only gain rest beginning when they are given a command until the owning player next logs in, or something to that effect. That way players can still log in every few days, and get the same ability to "do things" as a player who logs in very frequently. Of course, the commands themselves are still compressed.

Alternatively, make it so that rest gets "cashed in" after the unit stops cooling down (sort form of a queue), so that the next command is given automatically, assuming it is still legal. Of course, that doesn't quite solve the problem with respect to infrequent logins, because a player who got attacked once could move that unit, making all the future commands cancelled for being illegal (as an example).