Rest proposal?

by Le Roc at 2006-06-16 04:18:56

All units and buildings will gain a new property called rest. Rest is a time property (keeping track or hours, minutes, seconds etc). If a unit or building is not cooling down it gains time on its rest property at a rate of 1 second per second. A unit which has already accumulated 3 days worth of rest stops gaining rest.
If a unit or building with rest is issued a command with a cool down and if that cool down is longer then the units current rest total then the actual amount of cool down the issuee has is equal to the normal cool down of the command issued minus the issuee's rest. Then the issuee's rest is set to 0.
If a unit or building is issued a command with a cool down less then the issuee's rest then the unit does not enter into cool down, but has their rest decreased by the amount of cool down the command normally requires.

For example lets say I have 2 SCV's on a square. The first one has accumulated 1.5 days of rest, the other 3 days of rest. If I issue both SCV's the mine command then the first one will enter into a cool down of 12 hours and have 0 rest. The other one will not cool down at all and will end up with 1 day of rest.

I don't know if I would actually propose this, however it seemed to me to be a good way to make the game a little more fair for players whom are unable to log in frequently. Especially since it looks like the game is getting more and more intense. Mostly I just wanted to hear people's thoughts on this point. As before if you want to steal the idea and propose it go ahead.