Re: Problem[s?] with 63...?

by Valenic at 2006-06-15 05:12:58

Why don't you propose cards to be added to the deck once the card system is implemented? My proposal was open-ended in that it allowed players to come up with new cards, much in the same way the starcraft thing works.

I understand that not everyone's first language was English, so naturally it doesn't surprise me that someone here would not understand what "at the board's median" means. In context it refers to the square at the halfway point.

The passing over squares to make money part would have worked better if the starcraft rules were removed, but I guess people just don't care about trying to make a better game once they've found a loophole to manipulate, so that's why the starcraft retraction proposal failed.

I may as well resign now; I've had a pretty bad start through no fault of my own and now my units are being attacked by someone who had a good start in this game and has the financial backing to ruin me pretty quickly. It's quite clear that fairness wasn't a factor when the starcraft rules were implemented, or all players, even the ones who started in the beginning, would have had a better chance to get in the game. Implementing a card system to replace the starcraft system would improve the game and provide better parity between players. I've said this several times in the past, but every starcraft fanboy wants to be Jim Raynor.